Course Layout

Rouge Park Golf Course Aerial View and Hole by Hole Descriptions

Hole #1

Par 5 - 495 yards

A straight, medium length par 5 is a great way warm up, get the kinks out and start your round of golf. Keep it in the fairway and you can score on this hole, you have OB the entire right side, and a tree lined left side offering early excitement. A small, crowned green bunkered right and left awaits your approach shot, choose wisely and birdies and eagles can be had.

Hole #2

Par 4 - 442 yards

Be ready, consistently voted one of the most difficult holes in the Detroit metropolitan area if not entire state, this hole will give you all you can handle. Off the tee stay left and a drive of at least 230 yards is needed to see the green, if not a lay up is required. From there you are hitting into a small, crowned green sitting 30 feet below with danger long and right. Stay below the hole because the green is sloped back to front and fast.

Hole #3

Par 3 - 186 yards

A straight-forward par 3, 186 yards off the blue tees, 177 off the white, 154 off the red tees. You must hit over the river to a severely crowned green with trouble right or long.  The green slopes back to front so make your mistakes front short.

Hole #4

Par 3 - 151 yards

A picturesque uphill par 3 gives you an opportunity to work on your distance control. Bunkers right and left to a crowned green, danger right and long, with a false front just to keep you honest.

Hole #5

Par 4 - 389 yards

Bring out the big stick and let it rip! An elevated tee and a gentle dog leg right give you an excellent view and a massive landing area, but don’t go too far right. A huge tree will guard the right side of a crowned green with trouble left and long, green slopes back to front.

Hole #6

Par 3 - 153 yards

A short par 3 over water to a slightly elevated, severely crowned green which slopes back to front. Left side runs away from green, right side has trouble and a false front makes for fun judging distance.

Hole #7

Par 4 - 373 yards

This hole is all about accuracy off the tee. A narrow driving hole with out of bounds the entire right side, and majestic old trees lining the left side, playing the fairway is optimal. The green is small and crowned, with danger lurking if you hit it long.

Hole #8

Par 5 - 489 yards

A little breather on this short par 5, keep it straight off the tee and long hitters can easily reach the green in two. On your approach shot, watch out for bunker on right side, and trouble if you go long.

Hole #9

Par 5 - 463 yards

A shorter par 5 with a slight bend to the right, making accuracy off the tee a premium. Hook it left and you are in a hazard, push it right and trees will block your next shot. The green is small and crowned, sloping back to front, with a bunker back right, hazard left and the river long.

Hole #10

Par 4 - 418 yards

After a quick snack at the turn, be ready to jump right back into it. Back tees hit over water to a fairway which bends hard to the left, so a perfect shot goes right to left and carries between 220 to 250 yards. Your approach shot goes back over the river, with large trees guarding the right side of the green and decorative grass long right. Green has a severe slope back to front, with a false front making front tee placements interesting.

Hole #11

Par 4 - 396 yards

This mid length par 4 bends gently right to left, so a right to left ball flight will work best. Big trees guard the left side and the right side is also tree lined. The green is accessible, sloping back to front, watch for left side bunker and trees long left.

Hole #12

Par 5 - 507 yards

A fairly straight 500 – yard par 5, with an ample landing area, offers big hitters a chance to air it out, beware of right side trouble. Approach shots deal with out of bounds right, a bunker left, steeply sloped edges, and trouble long. Play the fairway and rewards can be had.

Hole #13

Par 3 - 176 yards

A tricky par 3, especially if pin placement is on the right side of the green. A large front right bunker keeps you honest, while green slopes front to back, with trouble long.

Hole #14

Par 4 - 378 yards

Here’s where we start Rouge’s version of Amen Corner. This hole drops big time towards the river, a perfect tee shot will favor the left side and be 200 to 250 yards. Watch for trouble left, right and if you are long the river can come into play. Approach shots cross over the river, with trees lurking both right and left side, to a green that slopes back to front.

Hole #15

Par 4 - 374 yards

This hole nicknamed “water monster” eats golf balls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the back tees you need to thread a 210 to 240 yard tee shot, over the river, between tall trees, to a small landing area. The fairway turns very hard to the right and the river angles to the right so the farther right you hit it, the farther you must hit it. Once over the river you have a narrow, tree lined approach with water to the right, to a small crowned green.

Hole #16

Par 3 - 125 yards

The final hole in our Amen Corner is a short par 3 distinctive in that it is approximately 40 feet up hill. From the tee, the green is totally invisible, only the top of the flag can be seen. Obvious trouble in front with the river and the hill, but since the green is crowned and slopes back to front, going long isn’t good either. Get your par and move on.

Hole #17

Par 4 - 330 yards

Another hole that big hitters can grip it and rip it. From an elevated tee, the fairway turns hard left, big hitters can make it in one. On approach shots, watch for a bunker back left, false edges especially back and a big mound front right.

Hole #18

Par 5 - 480 yards

Time to bring this round home! A blind tee shot to an elevated fairway gets you started, keep your drive to left side of fairway for best shot at green. Approach shots have trouble both left and right, a large front right bunker and a crowned green sloping back to front. Approach shots are especially tough with right side pin placement, also don’t go long or a tough pitch awaits you.